Philips Aqua Touch AT620/14 Shaver Reviews

Philips aquatouch At620 is the best shaver you can buy for shaving your beard. This is a great choice for your daily/weekly trimming purpose. Buy Philips trimmer by clicking here online. Take a look at the below image of the aquatouch at620 philips shaver.

Let see the reviews in detail. After reading these reviews you will definitely buy this one.

I read through reviews of several customers on many eCommerce platforms. They’ve complained of skin irritation, difficulty in usage and poor battery life.  I bought this as a gift and my friend  hasn’t complained of any of the above. He has used it for dry and wet shaves and the battery lasted for 5-6 shaves before it needed to be recharged. I personally use a Philips hair and beard trimmer that has terrible battery back-up and the AT 620 in comparison seems to have better backup than that. The trimmer on the AT-620 has provided good results and like I said, the user is quite happy with it after almost a month’s use by now. It works well as a wet and dry shaver with the trimmer that does exactly what it claims to.

philips trimmer

The product is really good and does a close shave. Easy to handle. Very smooth. battery stand time is good. The design is really very attractive. Easy to clean. Suitable for all skin type. Both wet and dry mode are really good. Specially designed for you youths Overall the product is really fantastic. People who are new to shave can learn how to shave from this product.

I was using automatic shaver for the first time and was a bit unsure about the quality and usability of the product. However, all my doubts ended when I bought this. Philips Aquatouch AT620 is totally value for money and amazing utility. Received my product the very next day I ordered. Amazing product must buy must use.

Easy to use, nice design, handy and very good travel companion. Battery very well holds for 3 – 5 shaves. I takes 1 or 2 shaves to get your hands comfortable. Thereafter, it is easy and quick. Coming to shaving experience, helps get rid of hair pretty quick but leaves a few stubble. So, you must go at least 2 rounds to get them off completely, especially under you jaws. Works best for wet shave. I did not get good results with the trimmer on the sideburns. Easy to clean and maintain. Sometimes blades produce heat waves while using. Overall, a good travel companion.

Recommended Tips

  1. Electric shavers are recommended for daily or alternate day shaving people.
  2. For Philips, dry shave does not yield the desired results.
  3. Wet your face and run the Philips against the hair growth.
  4. Always slide this Shaver in the opposite direction of the hair growth, for quick results.
  5. After a few weeks you can shave without a mirror or light.
  6. Regular shaving people can finish your shaving in two minutes.
  7. Cream or foam not necessary.

After reading all these positive reviews on Philips trimmers, I bet you will buy this one and have cool style for your beard.


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Philips BG105/11 Body Groomer Review

The philips BG105/11 model is a body groomer where you get the combination of trimmer and shaver. Enjoy both the features in one trimmer.  Now dive into the reviews of this product without wasting any time. These reviews are written by the ones who bought this product.

I used it without any hitches or problems. Gave a perfect trim over beard and mustache. Just what we need, right? The blades go easy on the face, no burning feeling or any cuts etc. The positive thing about this trimmer is it is chargeable. A good charge lasts about 3 use for me. Excellent quality material. Not at all the cheap plastic we find in usual low cost trimmers. Extended warranty of 1 year when registered.

Bought this beast 6 months ago, you may have seen this machine in many homes. Works good, no pain while shaving, prize is OK. Delivery was good. Battery is working good since purchase to till now. Take Orange color.

Easy to shape your beard with different sizes available. Look is classy and the  only Issue is that you have to charge for minimum of 2 hour for proper use. No defects till now. I got this awesome Philips trimmer today. Packaging was good and for this price it’s one of the best product ever. Usually I bought products after analyzing the reviews, then I came across good reviews and bad reviews. In my point of view, if you have a plan to buy a trimmer in this price range, then go for it.

Very happy with the product and service provided by Amazon. It is latest to be added to Philips trimmer series which serves to complete styling for face and head grooming with its multiple attachments. Blades are sharp not rounded, good to trim beard not for 1mm trimming.

The seller deliver it to me in 3 days. I was very happy and the product is best quality. The trimmer blade has soft corners. I suggest who needed a trimmer buy this. It has only 2 size option 6mm and 9m. Despite the fact that it has proven very advantageous for me, it has some disadvantages. Its very noisy. Topping all, its greatest disadvantage is the time it consumes to get recharged.

From these reviews, it is very clear that the Philips BG105/11 is a good trimmer for men. This can be used daily to cut your beard and to have a clean shave. You don’t need to look for any other trimmers just go and buy this one.

Philips QP2520/70 Norelco OneBlade Trimmer Review

Model QP2520/70 trimmer is from philips brand and you can read a complete review about this here. You would be amazed to see the functioning of this trimmer in real life.
This Philips trimmer provides best function you are searching for. It has provision to set for different lengths of trimming from 1 to 13. So if you prefer manly look by having beard but in perfect shape and pattern then accordingly you can set and use. It even dont give burning sensation or redness on face after using it and trims in single blade movement on skin, you need not move again and again on the same place to clear hair. Battery lasts longer after charging.
You can buy trimmers and shavers from philips website directly. You can also buy them from flipkart and amazon exclusively.

philips norelco oneblade qp2520 70

Just got it. The power of motor and strength of blades is quiet amazing. philips provides built-in rechargeable battery and adapter which is not available in many trimmers with 800-1100 price range and buying a rechargeable cell and adapter would have cost around 5-600 alone. This device’s blade comb adjustment is quiet nice. Although, one might avoid mishandling or dropping it as it will break immediately. It is highly advised by flipkart and philips to READ INSTRUCTIONS FULLY B4 USING IT. Flipkart’s packaging was good and delivered one day earlier. While receiving order please ask courier guy regarding extended warranty (if available at time).

The trimmer was purchased on BB day. got a huge discount. The trimmer is working good for the past one month. It gives a decent trim. The charger is the only drawback. Its too heavy. For a person who travels a lot, it will be a big problem. But for one who keeps it at home, this will be a good choice. I have noticed that the trimmer’s switch automatically turns on during travel. So I sticked a cello tape on the switch from keeping it moving. Heard that it happens with other brands too.

I am using this product since three years now and in absolute love with it. Since I like to keep a stubble groomed beard, i use it max twice a week. The blades are strong and pointed, which can scratch the skin (be careful), but that problem only exists when you remove the precision head and trim at 0mm, that too when the angle is wrong and much pressure is applied. Its strong and heavy machine is robust, with proper cleaning, ( open the blade cavity and clean the hair within) and very rare oiling, this trimmer is best to use. I also use it to trim my sides and side lock, to give them a neat look. In short, long life, low maintenance, heavy machine, good battery life, paisa vasool.

To conclude, philips QP2520/70 Norelco OneBlade Trimmer is a great shaver product which you can purchase without any hesitate. It is worth for the money that you spend. The quality of the trimmer is very good and the blades are sharp which gives you clean shave.